Shouldn’t A Program Designed To Elevate CPAs…

…Be Run By Someone Who’s Been A Leading CPA?


Preparing Your Success professional Strategy Group


The Professional Series™ is an experienced-based, learning course that examines the skills needed to become an outstanding professional.


A strategy that provides clear direction and anticipates and adjusts to the challenges ahead is crucial.


Careers take shape in a number of ways. But, most success stories include a coach or a mentor who offered advice.

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Why Start Professional Strategy Group?

About Us

While there are a lot of firms designed to train and coach professional service firms on a broad scale, surprisingly, very few can hone on the challenges that are so particular to the accounting world. This fact wasn’t lost on Jim Brasher, a veteran business advisor with over 35 years of experience at KPMG and Baker Tilly.

Recognizing this void in specialized training, Jim created just such a firm that could speak to the challenges that CPA firms face in terms of business development, resource management, client service and leadership.

Yet Jim was also passionate about ensuring CPAs of every level would develop through doing, not just listening. So he incorporated action plans and one-on-one coaching into his system to help every participant help themselves and effectively apply lessons learned.

The result is the training, planning and coaching firm that many accounting firms see as the leader for industry-specific content that everybody, from Partners to Seniors, can benefit from today and in the future.

  • Partners and Senior Managers can step up to sell more work.
  • Senior Managers and Managers can identify client needs faster.
  • Seniors learn how to provide superior service to clients and you.
  • Create a firm of choice for your professionals.


This is where it all begins. At Professional Strategy Group.

Professional Strategy Group (PSG) understands the challenges of professional services firms. Our core team members built their careers in international and national accounting and consulting firms. Decades of first-hand experience set the foundation for the development of the sessions that make up The Professional Series. We believe that PSG’s competitive advantage is our ability to translate theories of leadership, people management, selling, and superior service into practice.

Take care of your clients.

Take care of your people.