Everyone Tells You WHAT To Do To Be A Valued Advisor.

It’s Time You Had Help With HOW To Do It.

It’s safe to say that your team cares about quality. Integrity. Technical skills. Client relationships. But in between caring about principles and providing excellent service to be a valued advisor, there’s often a gap.


The reality is that few people in a CPA firm fully understand how to define the behaviors associated with these goals. How do you demonstrate quality, integrity and technical skills that result in superior client service? It’s not a given that people know all the answers because, quite frankly, they don’t.

That’s why our first course in The PSG System, The Valued Advisor and Superior Client Service, is so critical to your team’s success. By the end of this session, your people will draw a direct line between providing superior service to becoming a valued advisor to achieving sustainable growth for the firm. As a result, they will see how an extraordinary level of client service results in:

  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Client referrals
  • Additional revenue
  • Career advancement opportunities

How do we learn to always do the right thing in pursuit of the client’s best interests and effectively communicate it to each client? What does sustainable growth look like for our firm and why is it so important to you? Why do you think so few enterprises are good at client service? Why are clients so surprised to receive that level of service?

Far beyond speaking to service, we’ll dive deeper to explore the true costs associated with only good, lukewarm and poor customer service. We’ll examine companies that have a real competitive advantage that results in consistent profitability. Not to mention we’ll get honest about the ordinary services versus the unexpected actions of bringing insights, all of which continually develop invaluable trust in a client’s eyes.

You can be a service provider for many more decades. But if you want to rise above the standard flock of CPA firms and be seen as a valued advisor who commands higher fees, achieves sustainable growth and transforms clients into advocates, this is the session from PSG that will provide the essential momentum your team has been yearning for.

Finally, with the use of scorecards, we can track each individual’s progress on the way to becoming an incredibly valued advisor.

Take care of your clients. Take care of your people.

The Professional Series encourages participants to examine their own actions and behaviors and to focus on improving or enhancing their performance.

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    Professional Strategy Group (PSG) understands the challenges of professional services firms. Our core team members built their careers in international and national accounting and consulting firms. Decades of first-hand experience set the foundation for the development of the sessions that make up The Professional Series. We believe that PSG’s competitive advantage is our ability to translate theories of leadership, people management, selling, and superior service into practice.

    Take care of your clients.

    Take care of your people.