Shouldn’t A Valued Business Advisor

Be A Great Manager Of People Too?

We absolutely believe so. Yet, ask yourself: “Why would someone want to work for us?”

Now, ask yourself again: Do you actually believe those reasons? Or is it that they sound good and your firm has been saying the same thing for years?

See, it’s easy for those in management positions to come up with a number of benefits as to why an employee should want to stay with their CPA firm. However, those reasons are frequently manufactured in a bubble and not closely evaluated. One person’s definition of “fairness” is not necessarily the same as another.

As part of the PSG System, our 1-day course in Creating Advocates Through Your People changes that narrative entirely. It’s time that more of your people become great managers and great advisors. When they do, you can look forward to them experiencing and delivering the following outcomes:

  • Subordinates, co-workers and clients becoming your firm’s future advocates
  • Stepping into the identity of a true role model and teacher
  • Being comfortable with accountability

How will we get there together in one day’s time?

This course will build a foundation for growth through interactive sessions that utilize whiteboard discussions, role-playing, exercises, handouts, hypothetical-yet-very-real scenarios and more. We’ll merge the principles of what makes a valued tax advisor (integrity, client focus, technical excellence) with the best managers’ attributes.

What are some of those qualities? A leader who:

  • Seeks input
  • Supports the career goals of their team
  • Challenges others to provide their very best effort all the time
  • Shares credit with the group
  • Consistently exhibits fairness
  • Knows how to set goals effectively
  • Provides constructive criticism
  • Gives powerful and practical performance evaluations that team members can use
  • Determines the appropriate course of action, given a specific set of circumstances.

This is the course that brings all the best practices for management that you talk about to life. Your firm’s participants will unlock the secret keys to getting the peak performance from their co-workers as well as dealing with demanding, emotionally-charged HR situations.

There are many things that we didn’t learn in college when we thought about entering the accounting field. Becoming a better manager of people and driving an empowering, respectful culture probably wasn’t one of them. So don’t let that gap be a profound liability one day longer. 

Take care of your clients. Take care of your people.

The Professional Series encourages participants to examine their own actions and behaviors and to focus on improving or enhancing their performance.

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    What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

    Professional Strategy Group (PSG) understands the challenges of professional services firms. Our core team members built their careers in international and national accounting and consulting firms. Decades of first-hand experience set the foundation for the development of the sessions that make up The Professional Series. We believe that PSG’s competitive advantage is our ability to translate theories of leadership, people management, selling, and superior service into practice.

    Take care of your clients.

    Take care of your people.