It’s How We Separate Your CPA Firm From The Others.

Are You Ready?

The truth about CPA firms is that while there are thousands of them, only a handful consistently invest in the development of their own people. We’re not talking about the occasional class. We’re talking about a committed effort to improve everyone’s performance within the firm on an ongoing, monthly basis. Most firms only tell people what they need to do. Very few actually provide them a roadmap on how to accomplish what they need to do.

If you’re still with us and that’s the firm you aspire to be, you’ll be interested to know that PSG has actually created segmented training courses and workshops that are made for just where your people are on their career growth chart.

For Partners and other management level professionals:

We have four full-day interactive courses that challenge you to take a deep dive into your own behaviours with a focus on evolving your actions for the better. These courses include:

  • Valued Advisor and Superior Client Service
  • Effective Human Resources Management
  • Professional Selling/ Listening Skills
  • Leadership Skills
For Managers and Senior Managers:

We offer three workshops that cater to the skills you’ll require in order to move up to the next role and set of responsibilities at the firm. These workshops include:

  • Developing Effective Managerial Skills – This two-hour class for newly promoted managers focuses on the skills needed to make an effective transition from staff to manager.
  • Client Service Planning Workshop – This one-hour class for senior managers helps them identify client needs that may be best addressed by other firm professionals.
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur – This three-hour class for Senior Managers explores the behavior’s needed to become a Partner.
For Seniors and Newer Managers:

We have seven workshops that speak to the range of qualities you’ll want to get comfortable with as you build a career in the accounting profession and at the firm. These workshops with content primarily directed toward you include:

  • Effective Communications for Seniors – A one-hour class focused on the skills seniors need to communicate with superiors and subordinates.
  • Career Thoughts for Seniors – A three-hour course that explores public accounting as a career accelerator.
  • Managing the Staff – A two-hour course on how to delegate to, motivate and effectively manage subordinates.
  • Superior Service – A three-hour course focused on how seniors can provide superior service to their clients and superiors.
  • Targeting New Business – A two-hour course for seniors designed to show how they can help identify client needs.
  • Time Management – A one-hour class for staff focused on using time effectively
  • Thoughts on Listening and Selling – A two-hour introductory course for staff that focuses on why listening is the most effective strategy for improving performance.

No matter where you are in your career, these individual course sessions and workshops are designed to provide you the foundation to move up to the next level – and if you’re a Partner, that includes a whole other level of leadership.

Take care of your clients. Take care of your people.

The Professional Series encourages participants to examine their own actions and behaviors and to focus on improving or enhancing their performance.

Talk to PSG about the distinct makeup of your team and the people you’d specifically like to challenge to positively impact your firm, your clients and their own career through our training programs.

    What our customers say

    What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

    This is the age-old question for most firms. The truth is the margin of differentiation is pretty slim. Most successful firms recognize that their secret weapon is their people. But, it’s not enough to have bright, capable talent on board; these individuals must possess a passion for excellence and a commitment to serve. How does a firm instill or encourage these qualities? Take away the rhetoric, buzzwords, and jargon, the key to sustainable success comes down to a firm’s ability to do two things very well.