The Training, Planning And Coaching System

Designed Especially For CPAs.

What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

Finally. It’s here. Not just another training system but one of the only learning experiences in the world exclusively designed for every level of your CPA firm’s hierarchy, Partners to Seniors. One that’s engineered by CPAs to help your firm realize its potential and be the best place to have a career in public accounting.

Welcome to The PSG System.

By engaging PSG,  your CPA firm will be able to:

  • Transform your people into valued advisors, not just standard CPAs
  • Enhance client service delivery and improve client satisfaction
  • Elevate professional selling skills and win more engagements
  • Create more satisfied professionals
  • Transform more managers into leaders

How do we do that? 

Our system consists of four modules that we provide on a quarterly basis. These full-day courses aren’t your typical classroom experience, so don’t expect us to be standing in front of your people and lecturing for six hours straight. No, it’s a highly interactive experience in which real-world scenarios are brought into the learning environment.

These thought-provoking scenarios, some of which involve role-playing, will challenge your professionals to think about how to create value and encourage collaboration with other firm professionals to arrive at smarter solutions together.

We also have 9 types of  workshops that are limited to no more than a few hours, each of them packing in powerful insights and tools your people can use right away in the areas of team management, client service planning, new business development, time management and active listening.

Finally, when the firm’s leaders and managers are driven to receive one-on-one coaching on a monthly basis on such issues as creating client advocates, motivating team members, keeping people accountable and securing new client engagements, the entire firm benefits.

There’s no other system that speaks to what today’s CPA firm needs quite like it. Discover how The PSG System can be tailored around your challenges, goals and people. Right now.


Planning, Coaching, Training

Professional Strategy Group (PSG) understands the challenges of professional services firms. Our core team members built their careers in international and national accounting and consulting firms. Decades of first-hand experience set the foundation for the development of the sessions that make up The Professional Series. We believe that PSG’s competitive advantage is our ability to translate theories of leadership, people management, selling, and superior service into practice.

Take care of your clients.

Take care of your people.