A CPA With Sales Skills Is A Diamond In The Rough.

More Are Ready To Shine Than You Expect.

There’s no getting around it: Most CPAs are scared of the topic of professional selling. Yet, the topic of listening isn’t as scary to them. Why? Because they’re used to asking questions to get more information from a prospect or client. Believe it or not, listening is a fundamental aspect of sales, too – and the team members of the firm who embrace this part of the client relationship may already have an excellent foundation for selling to build upon.

That’s why we call this third Course of the PSG System: Professional Selling and Listening Skills.

This full-day Course is focused on achieving three major outcomes for your people.
They will:

  • Become more effective in selling to clients and targets
  • Enhance listening skills and sales techniques
  • Leverage skills to be more valuable to the firm

Let’s take a closer look at how we’ll achieve these goals in our time together.

You learn much by doing and that’s precisely what we plan to spend significant time on during this session. Namely, through role-playing, we’ll challenge team members with a variety of scenarios in which they’ll be required to:

  • Uncover client and prospect needs
  • Follow-up within the framework of exercises
  • Listen and ask effective questions
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Handle objections
  • Close a sale

Did we just go through all the major steps to fulfill a typical sales process? Yes, we most certainly did.

In fact, in the process of doing so, PSG will have equipped your people with a keen understanding of what it takes to help clients and prospects in their buying decisions. The experience for them begins to feel a bit more comfortable. A bit more natural. Even a bit more…exciting. As well it should. Because we’ll draw the connection between client service and selling to enlighten our session attendees that, quite frankly, the foundational skills are remarkably similar. If you understand your client and their business plans as well as their top three goals and objectives, you’re solidifying your status as a valued and trusted advisor.

However, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. Now it’s time to:

  • Discuss the reasons people buy
  • Understand the psychology of buying
  • Unleash the power of referrals
  • Prepare for meetings strategically
  • Validate strategy and present solutions
  • Discover what the prospect really needs
  • Lose dependence on answering RFPs
  • Incorporate questioning methods
  • Upsell / cross-sell other services of the firm

Even among those who enter Session 3 slightly skeptical, we’re supremely confident that they will emerge more transformed.

For others, it’s an even bigger step forward into taking on an active role in the firm’s business development so they can be fully hands-on during the proposal process, push to learn about the prospect, research target backgrounds and be involved in the follow-up. It’s also an opportunity among this salespeople-in-the-making to develop client advocates, become a go-to resource for clients and internal people, nurture a referral network and build upon their personal brand.

Take care of your clients. Take care of your people.

The Professional Series encourages participants to examine their own actions and behaviors and to focus on improving or enhancing their performance.

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    What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

    Professional Strategy Group (PSG) understands the challenges of professional services firms. Our core team members built their careers in international and national accounting and consulting firms. Decades of first-hand experience set the foundation for the development of the sessions that make up The Professional Series. We believe that PSG’s competitive advantage is our ability to translate theories of leadership, people management, selling, and superior service into practice.