Many Will Become Very Good Managers.

Only The Best Will Become Great Leaders.

Laying the groundwork for the latter group couldn’t be more critical to your long-term success. The fact is, there’s a real difference between being management material and being leadership material. The faster you can uncover which qualities belong to your team and the corresponding category, the quicker you can plan for your firm’s continued growth by putting the right people in the right seats.

What makes for a great leader? What do they all have in common as far as their skills, personalities and effectiveness? Wouldn’t it be great if we could retrace the steps of history’s finest leaders to understand many of these traits and apply them to the modern-day challenges of our CPA firm?

You can and you will. Welcome to the fourth and final Course of the PSG System: The Leadership Skills course.

Up to this point, your team has received a superb understanding of what it takes to be a valued advisor, what the role of human resources management is and why professional selling can be such a game-changer for the firm. However, without a leadership team whose voices resonate loud and clear, it could be challenging to see the big picture of why all of the above matters.

In our time together, we will:

  • Familiarize the group with Colin Powell’s Leadership Principles
  • Discuss the characteristics of politics, business, social and military leaders – one contemporary and one from a previous generation
  • Pinpoint the difference between good leaders and great leaders
  • Distinguish between “leadership” and “management”

The Leadership Skills course will also teach your people how best to focus their priorities and manage their time. How do you decide what to do today when the client calls and it trumps all of the items on your list? How can you learn to trust your team and identify their individual strengths as you consider delegating work to certain members?

Will you know which team members are tomorrow’s managers and leaders? Not yet. But with the insights, PSG will provide in this 4th and final module of the PSG System, they’ll be well on their way to seizing opportunities, reflecting on how their goals align with the company and measuring their growth. All the while, they’ll be using the attributes and principles of the leaders they aspire to be one day as their guiding force in moving forward.

Complete the circle, bring the final guiding principles of The PSG System into your CPA environment and be forever transformed. 

Take care of your clients. Take care of your people.

The Professional Series encourages participants to examine their own actions and behaviors and to focus on improving or enhancing their performance.

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    What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

    This is the age-old question for most firms. The truth is the margin of differentiation is pretty slim. Most successful firms recognize that their secret weapon is their people. But, it’s not enough to have bright, capable talent on board; these individuals must possess a passion for excellence and a commitment to serve. How does a firm instill or encourage these qualities? Take away the rhetoric, buzzwords, and jargon, the key to sustainable success comes down to a firm’s ability to do two things very well.