Client Feedback

Anna Coutts Donald

Director, Alter Domus

"I met Jim Brasher having reached a turning point in my tax career at KPMG. Jim, who was then the COO of Global Tax at KPMG offered me a new challenge and provided opportunities to fast forward my career. Jim is an inspiring leader. Jim has great vision for improved methods of working and is capable of ensuring change actually happens. Jim's commitment, drive and enthusisam and genuine desire to help people around him succeed combined with a great sense of humour make him an ideal mentor and teacher."

Mark Strong

Sr. Manager, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause

"I worked with Jim in a mentoring circle for experienced managers. It was the best type of coaching that I have received in my professional career. Jim was able to bring both his wealth of experience and his terrific coaching skills to bear in a way that was relevant and personal to me. I would recommend Jim to anybody looking to improve their interpersonal skills and who wants to take ownership of their careers through their own development."

Pat Karpen

retired KPMG Partner

"When I worked with Jim at KPMG, I thought he always displayed the utmost in professionalism. In addition, I found his leadership skills to be contagious. In my view, one of his best leadership traits was that he was a superb "player-coach."  He led by example -- doing the things he asked his partners to do.

Kathy Hannan


In order to maximize your professional potential you must first understand what is required, second have the ability to honestly assess your areas of strengths and identify those areas that represent opportunities for development (or growth) and lastly have the courage to change.  Jim Brasher will challenge you and give you the necessary tools to maximize your performance.

Pat Karpen

Ellen Vallo

"Jim possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that has helped me grow both personally and professionally.  He shared not only his successes but also his failures so that others could learn what to do but more importantly, what NOT to do.  His greatest lessons came from his first-hand experiences of challenges and obstacles in his career. Jim has taught me how planning, training, coaching, and mentoring can significantly impact my career. I’ve known Jim since 2008.  We worked together at a public accounting firm for two years.  He led the tax group and he also served as a mentor to me when I was a participant in the firm’s partner development program.  As a mentor, he reminded me that I was the driver of my career and not the passenger.  He provided me the tools and the resources to help me be successful but it was up to me to become the change I wanted for myself and for my career.  Jim provided honest, unbiased, and direct feedback and did not tell you what you wanted to hear.  He empathized and listened to you when you needed to vent but he also helped you see your role in the situation.  Jim helped me to see my personal accountability and responsibility in everything I did.  He also recognized when he needed to step in to help due to his authority and position in the Firm."

Wafa Shalabi

Vice President, Restructuring Finance

"Jim was my first manager out of college.  A newly minted graduate, I was anxious to do a good job and often wondered if I could meet the expectations of my position in one of the top public accounting firms around.  Jim took me under his wing.  He coached and mentored me as if I was his own daughter. Jim showed me how my job could be much more rewarding if I just focused on the client.  I will never forget the lessons I learned.  If you just listen to the client, understand their needs, make them your needs, and above all enjoy what you are doing, then everything else will fall into place. Sixteen years later, I am still applying the same skills I learned from Jim.  Regardless of the project that I work on, or the customer challenges that I face, doing my job is always enjoyable and rewarding for both the customer and me."

What sets one professional services firm apart from another?

This is the age-old question for most firms. The truth is the margin of differentiation is pretty slim. Most successful firms recognize that their secret weapon is their people. But, it’s not enough to have bright, capable talent on board; these individuals must possess a passion for excellence and a commitment to serve. How does a firm instill or encourage these qualities? Take away the rhetoric, buzzwords, and jargon, the key to sustainable success comes down to a firm’s ability to do two things very well.