More Profit.
More Highly Rewarding Client Relationships.
More Fully Empowered Teams.

One System Makes Those Stars Align for Your CPA Firm.

At Professional Strategy Group, we’ll show your professionals how to sell more work, manage their teams and service their clients at a level you’ve only envisioned before. Instead of merely talking about these concepts, our interactive learning sessions will teach your management level professionals how to live them every day, with practical, real-world experiences to draw upon. They’ll also develop action plans that shape new behaviors and inspire a higher level of performance. Finally, the follow-up coaching we’ll provide your professionals helps ensure that what has just been learned in the classroom is consistently demonstrated in practice going forward.

As a result, your firm will maximize its investment in multiple ways. The PSG experience will elevate the skill set of key individuals and bring teams together. It will lead to better client service and loyalty. It will enhance your retention efforts and create future advocates for the firm. And it will motivate team members to champion the best qualities of the firm to the outside world. Just to name a few.

Take care of your clients.

Take care of your people.

Our Services

We Deal With The Professionals


A strategy that provides clear direction and anticipates and adjusts to the challenges ahead is crucial.


Careers take shape in a number of ways. But, most success stories include a coach or a mentor who offered advice.


The Professional Series™ is an experienced-based, learning course that examines the skills needed to become an outstanding professional.

What our customers say

Three Built-In Ways to Win

PSG offers up to three full-day courses that can be taken individually or as a set by Partners and Multiple Management-level firm team members:

  • Valued Advisor and Superior Client Service
  • Creating Advocates Through Your People
  • Professional Selling / Listening Skills

We believe that an essential element of these courses is the follow-up coaching that we provide after these sessions. Coaching takes place on a monthly (or more frequent basis if desired) to assist the professionals in applying the lessons learned in the course to situations they encounter in their everyday experience.

Shorter, ½ day workshops focused on solidifying the individual and team’s area of need – each designed for Senior Managers, Managers and Seniors.

  • Managerial Skills (2 hours)
  • Becoming An Entrepreneur For Future Partner Candidates (3 hours)
  • Client Service Planning Workshop (1 hour)
  • Career Thoughts For Seniors (3 hours)
  • Managing Staff (2 hours)
  • Superior Services Survey (3 hours)
  • Targeting New Business
  • Time Management (1 hour)
  • Thoughts On Listening (1 hour)

The coaching experience described above can be added to these workshops as well.

The one-on-one, in-depth experience provided on a monthly (or more frequent as needed) basis, ideal for:

  • Newly appointed practice leaders
  • Team members aiming for Managing Director or Partner positions
  • Partners or other management level professionals seeking to improve upon strategy, performance, attitude and value to the organization.

The Bottom Line:
When a CPA firm’s leaders and employees experience the PSG System by combining our core courses with coaching, we find that:

  • 75% or more of them win or expand a client engagement within six months
  • Personal and professional satisfaction improves
  • Professionals understand how to be a value creator for themselves and the firm
  • Clients and firm professionals become advocates for the firm

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